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Contest Winners!
Prize:   Free Horse Poster
Write a short horse story starting with the words:
The storm frightened...
 All entries for this contest were in the same age group 9-12, so I gave three prizes to three very creative young people with a very special thank you for sharing their work with us. Look for the next contest coming soon--in fact--send me suggestions: What kind of contest should I sponsor next?
Note: stories are printed exactly as written and submitted.
The Winners
Christine, age 12, Canada
    The storm frightened the black mare as she ran, lost from her herd.  they had been in a forest when she got separated and now she was being chased by Rufflers. As the black mare ran, with foam on her sides, the storm that had once frightened her now was sun. She stopped and looked around her. She had run right in a beautiful meadow with bright, green grass. AS she looked for an signs of the ruffler, she bent her neck to sniff the grass. It was sweet and green so she started to eat. She had been there for while when she was scared again! She sheid and looked up. It was her herd! She ran to the herd to join them again. She was checked by the Stallion and rejoined her herd.
Rachael,  age 9,   Australia
                                                                     THE RESCUE
    The storm frightened Samson.Rachael had gone home,Samson was sort of a scardy cat. He didn't like being on his own because one night in a realy big storm hit the stables. His dad died because of the shok when he thought that his first foal was dead.Samson was only one month old.When Rachael got back from her house she was stunned, right in front off her was Sampson snoring.She left him sleping.She got to work by cleaning the stabels and padding the floor with hay.
    When Rachael went shopping,Sampson went away and when Rachael got back Sampson was gone and Rachael sent out a search crew for Samson. After a couple of hours they found Samson freezing in a lake. His nostrils were sticking out just about to go under and he had no strength left. So Rachael had to go in after him. It was a struggle. He was stuck in mud but after  a while they managed to get him out. He was almost out of breath but he made it alive. Rachael took him home and wrapped him up in blankets. Then Samson grew up into a strong carriage horse. He was a beutiful chestnut with a white star on his forehead.  
                                                                         THE END

Mel,   age 11,   Australia

A tale of a horse called Star!                    

The storm frightened... Star, as the lightening cracked and the windows shattered. Star knew something was going on, for he could  hear someone in the bushes near by. He neighed once, then there was silence. Star could feel his eye lids wanting to quit on him but he did not want to leave his owners in danger. He cept silently forward, every thing was black but he started to see a faint shadow. It was becoming clearer and clearer. As he made a leap towards the shadow there was a sudden jerk. It gave Star such a shock he though he had been shoot. He lay back down thinking how worthless he is now all tighed up.

Any way Star never found out what the sound was but to save you the suspence star didnt hear any sounds for he was deaf!!!


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