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Elegant Jewelry for that special someone. Gold bracelets, diamond rings, amethyist earrings, white gold chains, pearls, fashion watches and more.

GOLD is the ultimate precious metal. Virtually indestructible, amazingly malleable, doesn't rust or tarnish. Graded by purity; in the U.S. a scale of 24 is used, so 24 Karats (24K) is 100% pure. 18K is 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloy (other metals), and so on. 10K is the legal minimum for Karat-graded gold. The word "Plumb" indicates the exact purity of the piece.

14 K Gold Heart Filgree Earrings
jewelry gold jewelry silver jewelry diamond rings
14 K Gold, diamond cut filigree heart posts earrings

CountryMall Gifts and Decor offers a line of beautiful and elegant jewelry for every occassion and style. 

10 K Gold Mom Pendant
gold jewelry, diamond rings silver bracelets, ring
10K Gold "MOM" Pendant and 18" chain

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